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The average computer today has a 200 GB hard drive. But at Got Backup, we give you unlimited backup, and if you decide our Backup & Share plan is right for you, you'll receive 500 GB of additional share storage. If you need more than 500 GB of share storage, we offer an additional 1000 GB for only $6.00 a month.

Yes, your data is encrypted with military grade AES-256 encryption keeping your files safe and secure. When you send data to and from any web server on the internet it bounces off a number of other servers on its way. The further away from the web server you are, the more bounces it makes: for example if you are in New York, USA and you’re accessing a server in Beijing, China, your data may go through your ISP in New York, a New York broadband hub, an exchange in Europe, an exchange in Hong Kong, an ISP in Beijing and then eventually the target web server. All of these servers are processing at least some of your data, and some of the servers (e.g. your ISP) are processing all of it. Intercepting your data along this journey is pretty hard to do, but it is possible.

For most data, this doesn’t matter – if someone intercepts your shopping list then it’s probably not going to concern you a great deal. However for some data such as sensitive financial or commercial information, it does matter, and you want to make sure that the data is as secure as possible. This is where encryption comes in: both you and the target web server can secretly agree on a way to encrypt your data, and then your PC encrypts it before it is sent across the open internet. Anyone intercepting that data would just get meaningless nonsense that is impossible to read – only the target website would actually know what it means.

Yes, you set it up once and your backups are truly set and forget forever! You can also watch this VIDEO to see just how easy this system is to use!

We know you will love our service. But if for some reason we are not for you there is no contract at all, you can cancel at anytime. We even offer a 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee.

Yes it works on both but not Linux.

Our software checks for new data every 5 minutes, so your backups are almost live to the minute. If your PC or mobile device is lost or stolen you can retrieve it from anywhere with an internet connection.